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Who We Are

Kids on the Ridge (KOTR) Weekday Preschool is a Christian preschool serving families in Snoqualmie, WA. 

Individualized Programs

Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide individualized programs to encourage your child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Enrichment Opportunities

Our preschool program offers a wide variety of enrichment learning opportunities and our teaching team works to instill God’s love into the hearts of children.

Creative Problem-Solving

Daily school schedules provide each child with a pathway to create, explore, problem-solve and interact with others.

Program Offerings

For all age groups

Little's Class

This is your child’s first step in preparing for preschool. Designed for children who are 2 ½ by August 31st and are actively toilet training, we use play-based activities and hands-on learning that turn your little one’s sense of curiosity into opportunities for learning and building confidence. We help them build routines, learn to share, how to be a friend and using their words to communicate their ideas. We focus on God’s love for each one of us.

3's Class

Your child begins to learn through God’s 7 Days of Creation (preschool biblical learning) as it is shared throughout their day – in circle time, science, self-care, music and movement and activities that introduce letters, numbers and colors. As they learn to follow structure and routine in a loving Christian environment, we work on social skills like initiating play, sharing, and making decisions with friends. We also introduce self-care skills such as cleaning up their space, keeping track of personal items and independently using the restroom. Your child is also introduced to skills that foster remembering and following multistep directions. This class is targeted toward children who are 3 years old by August 31st and are actively toilet training.

4's Class (AM and PM)

In this love-filled learning environment, your child learns and practices the skills they need to be successful, including writing their name, recognizing letters/numbers and classroom etiquette. Circle time emphasizes class theme, 7 Days of Creation, sound of the week, sharing, handwriting, number concepts 1-20, letter sounds, pre-reading phonics, songs and art. This is a busy room and the children are given the freedom to choose learning materials, guided by the teacher. This class is targeted toward children who are 4 years old by December 31st.

Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) Class

The PreK Class is for children who will be 4 years old by August 31st, and intend to move directly into kindergarten the following year. Children in our PreK class develop the spiritual, educational, and social foundation needed for success in their transition to kindergarten. They are given the freedom to choose learning materials, guided by the teacher to foster the student’s confidence and independence. Circle time emphasizes class theme curriculum, sound of the week, sharing, handwriting, number concepts 1-20, songs and art.

Enrichment (Extended Day)

The Enrichment Program is for children in the 3’s, 4’s and PreK classes who desire extra time for music, movement, crafting, lunch (bring from home), and learning fun for continued social and academic development. Children will need to bring a healthy lunch to enjoy at school with friends. Due to allergies, we do not allow peanut butter or nuts of any kind.

Jr. Kindergarten Class

Jr. Kindergarten is a year for children to receive additional development time to grow emotionally, physically and academically in a nurturing Christian school environment. Your child will work on reading skills (letters, phonics, sight words), writing (“Handwriting Without Tears”), math (“Singapore Early Bird Math Common Core Edition”), and ten frame math (i.e. counting, addition and subtraction). The class will focus on God’s 7 Days of Creation, Bible verse memorization, circle time, art, science, music and movement. Enjoying lunch together will foster independence and enhance their personal responsibility (i.e. manners, cooperation, cleanup, and time management). This class is intended for children who are 4 ½ years old by August 31st.

Summer Day Camp

Throughout the summer, KOTR Weekday Preschool and COTR Kids on the Ridge offer fun and affordable theme-based day camps for preschoolers.  Each camp is a 5-day camp and runs Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Each child is asked to bring a nutritious lunch to enjoy while socializing with other campers. 

Click here to see 2023 Summer Camps.

"I’m so glad our family found KOTR!"

~Sandra, KOTR Preschool Parent
"The teachers are all so welcoming and loving. I highly recommend this preschool to Snoqualmie families."

~Becky, KOTR Preschool Parent
"KOTR provides an amazing early learning environment for children! Both my children have blossomed in such amazing ways!"

~Lindsay, KOTR Preschool Parent
"KOTR Preschool is the best place in the valley for Christian early learning."

~Kay, KOTR Preschool Parent
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We take the health and safety
of our children seriously.
Safety protocols we follow each day:

Daily Health Check

We run a health checks for each of our students before they are dropped off.

Secure Facility

We have a secure facility that locks from the outside and can only be accessed through the use of a keycard.

Disinfected Surfaces

The playground is sprayed down with disinfectant in-between each recess.

Daily Clean

Classrooms are cleaned before and after school each day.

Washed Hands

The staff and students wash their hands and use hand sanitizer multiple times a day for added cleanliness.

Masks Okay

If parents feel more comfortable with their child wearing a mask to school, the staff is more than happy to make sure the child keeps it on during the day.


To register, please complete an online registration form via Brightwheel and submit a non-refundable $150 registration fee.


If the desired class is full, we’ll place your child on a waiting list. Your child’s enrollment is secured once registration payment is received. Your registration fee will be returned if we’re unable to place your child within 60 days of registration. All classes are subject to availability. 


Prior to the new school year, you will receive a welcome packet that will contain necessary forms and student information. If you would like more information, contact us and we would be happy answer any questions. 

Parent Resources

Follow us on social.

Brightwheel Parent App

KOTR Preschool utilizes Brightwheel. This app allows us to...

  • share real-time activities throughout the day
  • connect with parents
  • streamline check in
  • provide paperless tuition management.

To find helpful parent tutorials on signing up, managing notifications, and billing, visit Brightwheel's YouTube.

Parent/Student Handbook

Read about our education philosophy, policies, schedules, and safety protocols. You can find it all here!

Class Overviews

Shellie Simpson

Director of Kids on the Ridge Weekday Preschool

Thank you for considering Kids on the Ridge Preschool, a ministry of Church on the Ridge, as the place for your child to explore and grow!


Our preschool program offers a wide variety of enrichment and learning opportunities while our teaching team works to instill God’s love into the hearts of your child. At Kids on the Ridge, our dedicated and experienced teachers provide individualized programs to encourage your child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development. Daily school schedules provide each child with a pathway to create, explore, problemsolve and interact with others.


We instill the importance of God’s love and Christian values within our classrooms. The school mission is to teach all children that God made them, loves them and has a perfect plan for them. It is important that preschool be a place of connection and a respectful partnership between families and teachers. God created us to live our lives in harmony and to have respect for one another. Our preschool program strengthens this idea of spiritual community, encouragement, and cooperation.


We look forward to a wonderful year with your precious little one!

In Him,
Mrs Shellie

Lindsay Randall

Assistant Teacher PreK

Saiba Chaddha

Lead Teacher JrK

Melissa Hancock

Assistant Teacher JrK

Danielle Walsh

Preschool Assistant

Maddie Sutorius

Assistant Teacher Littles/3’s

Caryl Sutorius

Lead Teacher 4's

Chris Butrick

Lead Teacher PreK

Joleen Heard

Lead Teacher Little's/3's

Kids on the Ridge Weekday Preschool is a ministry of Church on the Ridge (COTR). Our school is located on the main floor of COTR, and we share many opportunities with the children's ministry, also called Kids on the Ridge.

KOTR Church Opportunities

At Church on the Ridge (COTR), we always have something special happening for preschool kids and families. These events are open to everyone in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you include faith into your classrooms?

At Kids on the Ridge (KOTR) Preschool we want all of our students to leave each day knowing that Jesus loves them! To accomplish this we teach specifically on the days of Creation, read stories out of children’s bibles, pray together before snack, incorporate faith-based art projects, and teach them monthly bible verses.

In addition to in-class activities, once a month, the entire school comes together for Faith Fridays where we learn about a different “The Fruit of the Spirit” each month.

Register for upcoming Faith Fridays. 

What are the safety protocols in your facility?

Safety for our students is our number one priority. The doors to our school are only open for the parents to drop off the child and to pick them up at the end of the day. Once the parents have dropped off their child, we promptly shut and lock the outside doors to prevent anyone from entering without a keycard.


As a parent, you will also have access to the Brightwheel app which we use to check-in and out our students. Only those who have your specific pin, and are on the pick-up list, are allowed to pick up your child.


In regard to allergies, we are a strict no-nut facility and work with the parents on other specific allergies, as well. Each teacher has a sheet in their classroom highlighting each of their student’s allergies to be aware of at all times.

What is a general schedule of a school day?

All classes start their mornings with a worksheet or hands-on learning games and activities. From there, the day consists of:  calendar/circle time; educational worksheets, including math, reading and hand-writing (depending on the class); a healthy snack time; story time; recess in our indoor playground; and an art project. There is also time for free choice with educational toys to help them learn while they play.

How and when do teachers contact families?

Each week, your child’s teacher will send out an outline of what their class will be learning that week. Although most of communication will come in the form of an e-mail, we also use the Brightwheel App to send quick messages or pictures from the day; either to individual families or the class as a whole.


The school will also send home a monthly newsletter that covers all the important information that families will need to know for the upcoming month. We also encourage every family to reach out with any questions as well!

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